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Nellie's Flyer Balls (set of 3)

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  • Nellie's Flyer Balls (set of 3):

Get those fresh-out-of-the-dryer feels faster.

Nellie’s Flyerballs shorten drying time, minimize static, and help to reduce wrinkles without the use of any linen-damaging chemicals.  Just pop these little balls in your dryer with your bedding, towels, or cuisine items and let them do their thing. Nellie’s Flyer Balls are safe for all your Flax Home linen and other fabrics you love, too - just be sure to separate natural fabrics from synthetic prior to laundering to help reduce static.

Your new linen’s lifespan depends on the care it receives during laundering. Along with choosing the right detergent and dryer balls, be sure to check out our other linen care and laundering tips!