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why flax home?

Flax Home started as a labor of love for three women who share a mutual appreciation for a great night's sleep. Since then, it’s grown into a thriving community built on our commitment to care: for the community, the product (we truly love linen) and our team. Always made ethically, and always made with care.

Designed in Canada

Try for 30 Nights

OEKO-TEX Certified*

“Picture this: you arrive at a seaside B&B in Provence, jet-lagged as can be, and leap into a perfectly done-up bed that swallows you in its softness. That’s what it’s like slipping into Flax’s French stonewashed linen sheets”

“If they love their linen sheets, they’ll love this robe designed in Vancouver and made using OEKO-TEX-certified (i.e. eco-conscious) stonewashed French linen. It’s the sort of thing you initially wear while drinking your Saturday morning coffee and reading the paper (aesthetic!), but then find yourself taking Zoom calls in at 3 p.m. on a Tuesday. It’s that elegant.”

“These are sleeker than cotton and can absorb up to 20% of its weight in moisture before even feeling damp. Perfect for keeping things neat but pretty as they move around the kitchen.”

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The Sheet Set

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The Heirloom Quilt

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what's so great about linen?

Earth Friendly


Temperature Regulating

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