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Short answer: linen is just better. What makes linen so great for bedsheets is that it breathes cool in summer, while keeping warm and cozy in winter. And the longer you own your sheets, the softer they’ll get. That all adds up to better, more comfortable sleep.

  • Founded by Vancouverites Oana Papuc, Anna Heyd and Vivian McCormick, this buzz-worthy company creates perfectly wrinkled French linen bedding in a variety of timeless colors, plus additional seasonal colors introduced twice a year.

  • We’re impressed by this female-founded Canadian team who not only commit to creating less waste and producing a durable product, but who also give back to the community

  • Treat yourself to some luxurious linens and feather-soft sheets with these three female-founded Canadian brands defining the future of bedding.

  • Allow Vancouver-based linen company Flax Sleep to carry you through nesting season.