Our Linen

where our linen is made

Our linen goods are designed in Vancouver, Canada and crafted globally by manufacturing partners in various countries. We select our partners based on their expertise and capacity, as well as their ethical manufacturing and labour practices, and maintain close working relationships with them in order to ensure the quality and integrity of the products we offer.


Our Sleep Collection is produced in Guimarães, Portugal and Guangdong, China and all of our products are Oeko-Tex certified. Working with the right manufacturing partners was important to us from the outset, which is why we travelled to meet our Chinese manufacturing partner (then located in Shenzhen) before placing our first order. They are a small, family run factory, and you can read all about our trip here.

Our Portuguese manufacturing partner prides itself in taking extensive measures to improve the sustainability of its operations, including reducing its water, energy and chemical product consumption. The factory also uses solar panels and other low carbon energy production sources to power its operations.


Our collection of linen towels is manufactured in Lithuania. Our towels are recognised under the European Flax ® trademark – a mark of premium quality European linen and traceability established by the European Confederation of Flax and Hemp. This certification indicates that the linen in our collection of towels has been sourced from European flax, grown across the lowlands of Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France.


Our Cuisine Collection is manufactured in Lithuania and each piece is also Oeko-Tex certified.

also, this stuff:

No damp feels.

Absorbs up to 20% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, and releases it into the air to remain cool and dry.


Linen has greater bacteria-fighting powers than similar materials.


Requires considerably fewer pesticides and fertilizers than other crops.

More sustainable.

Because linen uses up to 20 times less water and energy to produce than cotton and nothing goes to waste.

Warm yet cool.

Good conductor of heat, keeping warm inside, while the outside stays cool and airy to touch.

Less static.

Enjoy zap-free sleepy times. Linen sheets won’t shock you with static electricity.

linen myths debunked

myth: linen lasts forever

Remember your grandmother’s linen? It probably did last for a long time. It was also likely quite rough, and took years and years to break in. We aim to provide you with the softest, ready-to-snooze, ready-to-use linen that requires no uncomfortable break-in periods. This means that most of our products are pre-washed in order to ensure that they arrive at your door ready for the most comfortable experience possible.

With proper care, most of your linen pieces will last a long time - one notable exception being your fitted sheet which is likely subject to more - ahem - friction, than the rest of your linen pieces. Jokes aside, there are various factors that can accelerate the wear of fitted sheets, which you can learn about in more detail on our Linen Care page.

The actual lifespan of your linen bedding will depend on the frequency of its use, how often you rotate your sheets (hot tip - be sure to have extra sheets on hand to rotate with), how closely you follow our recommended care instructions, and on the laundering products and detergents that you choose to use.

myth: linen is hard to care for

Proper linen care isn’t hard. Promise. Please read our recommended care instructions to ensure that you’re treating your linen with love and to help prevent premature wear and damage.

myth: linen is scratchy and uncomfortable

Your grandmother’s Irish linen may have been scratchy and uncomfortable, but manufacturing processes have come a long way since then. Our products are softened during the manufacturing process and arrive ready to use. Because our linen is pre-washed and softened, the use of fabric softeners and deep-cleaning, enzymatic detergent during laundering is not recommended and will reduce the lifespan of your linen. For extra softness after washing, throw your linen in the dryer on low heat to naturally continue the softening process.