what is flax rewards?

Flax Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards our biggest fans with exclusive perks and redeemable discounts on future purchases. Anyone can join the program and start earning rewards points - all you need to do is create a Flax Home account.

what if i already have a flax home account?

If you’ve already created a Flax Home account, you’re in the program and can start earning rewards points!

if i subscribe to your emails, does that mean i’m signed up for the flax rewards program?

Subscribing to our emails does not automatically enrol you in the Flax Rewards program (but you do get points for subscribing!). To join Flax Rewards, you need to create an account.

how do i earn flax rewards points?

There are lots of ways to earn Flax Rewards points - learn more about them here. To earn points on purchases, make sure you are signed in to your account on our website before completing your purchase.

what happens to points earned if i return a purchase?

Points earned on a returned purchase will be deducted from your account. Your tier status may be affected as a result as well.  If you used points for a discount on your purchase, those points  will be returned to your account.

can i earn flax rewards points for referring friends?

Yes, you can! Once you’ve logged in, go to My Rewards and find the box Earn Points - Refer Friends and choose Complete Activity. Copy and share your personalized link or pick another preferred way to share. Your friends will get 10% off their first purchase when they shop through your link, and you’ll earn 500 points if they spend over $50 (before their discount)!

what if i already referred friends?

Your previous successful referrals have been credited to your account. You just need to create an account using the same email address you referred with in order to claim them.

can i combine accounts or transfer points?

We are unable to combine accounts or transfer points. Please sign in with the same account before you check out for each purchase.

where can i see how many points I have?

Sign in to your account to see your points balance.

how do i use my rewards points?

You can redeem your points as soon as you have accumulated 300 points. Sign into your account and choose which eligible discount you want to redeem for your next purchase, then apply the discount code at checkout. You can also redeem your reward directly using the redemption slider on the checkout page if you are signed into your account - note that on a mobile device, you need to click on the dropdown ‘Show order summary’ to access the direct reward redemption option.

Discounts earned through Flax Rewards cannot be combined with other discount codes. Discounts cannot be applied to shipping charges.

do my points expire?

Yes, your points will expire two years after the date they are earned.

Shop Pay

To check out with Shop Pay, you must use the reward redemption slider before clicking on Shop Pay to complete your purchase. If you are using a discount code you redeemed previously, you can enter it on the Shop Pay checkout page. 

Apple Pay

To check out with Apple Pay, you must use the direct reward redemption or apply the discount code before using Apple Pay to complete your purchase. At the Information checkout page, click on the dropdown ‘Show order summary’ to apply the discount.


To check out with PayPal, continue through the transaction (once you’ve signed in to PayPal) until it takes you back to Flax Sleep’s checkout page, where you either enter the discount code you redeemed, or use the slider to redeem directly.

what are the tiers and how does it work?

Flax Rewards has three tiers, based on qualifying spend and each tier offers certain benefits. The tiers are:

Flax Fans - $0-$999 spend
Flax Friends - $1,000-$2,999 spend
Flax Family - $3,000+ spend

how do i qualify for a tier?

All new Flax Rewards members start in the Fans tier and will move up when they meet the next tier’s qualifying spend. You need to be signed in to your account when you make purchases in order to get credit towards your tier status.

Once you move up a tier, it will not expire!

where can i see what tier i’m in?

Sign in to your account to see what tier you are in and when it expires.

how does free shipping apply in the different tiers?

Free expedited shipping within Canada and the continental USA is offered to all Flax Friends and Family members (orders for Flax Friends must be over $150). You must be signed in to your account at checkout to receive your shipping benefit. Free shipping is not transferable, redeemable for cash or cash equivalents, and no adjustments for shipping charges will be made on previous purchases.

how do i leave the flax rewards program?

If you would like to leave the Flax Rewards program, please email us at hello@shopflaxhome.com and we will close your account. You will lose any points that you have earned when we close your account.

what if i want to re-join?

You can re-join at any time by creating an account again. However, your points balance will re-start at 0 points.