We are so excited to announce the launch of our Duvet Pre-Order Program. In partnership with a Canadian duvet insert manufacturer, we're thrilled to offer our community a wool or kapok filled Duvet Insert designed to fit The Duvet Set perfectly. Our CCO and co-founder, Anna Heyd, has spent months researching, asking questions, and digging into the world of duvets to create the best partner-in-rest for our linen lovers.  Duvet Inserts by Flax Home

We've known since starting the business that not all Duvet Inserts are created equal. Firstly, there is no standardized size for Twin, Queen, or King beds. That felt mind-blowing. So, we've always had it in the back of our heads that it would make sense to solve this issue for our customers by creating a Duvet Insert best suited for our product—not only in terms of a great fill and thoughtful details, but also creating the perfect sizing to our Duvet Covers.

Fun fact: the ideal duvet size is actually slightly larger than the cover.

Once research started, we were keen to explore the numerous fill options outside of down. There are a lot of companies doing down fill really well, but we wanted to experiment with something different. We started to look at recycled polyester, but the thing that stuck out was the use of natural down alternatives. That felt really in line with linen and other natural products we enjoy working into our collections.

Now, we can say...we've done it. Created not one, but two amazing, naturally-filled Duvet Insert options to cover the wide range of our community's sleep styles. Pun intended. Find more about Wool and Kapok here.

People are more familiar with the benefits of wool, so using a British wool fill assembled in Ontario seemed like a great place to start. It's trusted and super reliable. I like to consider wool linen's perfect counterpart from a temperature-regulation standpoint, so we're really excited to bring this partner product to our community. Wool inserts are something we've been asked for a lot. 

But I am also really excited to see how our customers respond to the more innovative fill, kapok. The kapok we're using is grown on kapok trees in Indonesia and also assembled in Ontario. It's used commonly in pillows, but is still pretty new to the duvet space. It's a delight to sleep under, has all the benefits of a natural fibre, it's antimicrobial, and it also regulates your temperature really well.

We're launching this product with our Pre-Order Program to get a better idea of what most appeals to our linen lover community. Both products are amazing, we've done a tonne of research and asked a lot of questions, now we're excited to see how our community responds. 

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