Many things inspire me. Thoughtful words and ideas do, an unexpected colour palette and, of course, linen. Though most of all, I am inspired by people’s stories, and in particular, the courage and gumption it takes to step out on a ledge and explore something entirely out of place and yet so resonant.

When I was first introduced to Vivian, Anna and Oana in the first months after they had launched Flax Sleep, it was more than just their beautiful linens that I admired, it was also their story. These women had no prior experience in the business of textiles, rather, each had extensive careers in law and hospitality. Though as true entrepreneurs, they were smart, resourceful and creative and with such a rare air of teamwork that it left me inspired.

In the months after designing my apartment in Paris, while enjoying time in a space I had so intentionally injected with meaningful details, I had a thought. After all these years away from being a “creative director,” (daylighting as a pastry chef, travel writer, author) I still loved designing, that it is a part of who I am and that I desperately wanted to do more.

I thought of Vivian, Anna and Oana and the Flax Sleep linens I slept in each night and I couldn’t help but reach out to suggest a design collaboration. Lucky for me, they said yes!

New York Dinner

Short months later, we all met in New York at a textiles conference. Though the order of business was to research and secure a manufacturer for our project, instead we (all passionate about food) spend the majority of our time eating around the city. And during a dinner of beautiful pastas and expertly chosen wine, we made plans to eat again, but the next time in Paris.

As I designed The Cuisine Collection, I drew upon all these memorable moments I had around such tables – Michelin-starred restaurants, bistros, markets filled with the season, friends chatting around the kitchen counter, dinners cooked for people I love and good conversations over lingering glasses of wine. I wanted to design a collection that would seamlessly weave into our everyday lives, rendering them even more special.


When the ladies joined me at APT La Fayette in Paris to continue planning the collection, and in the months that followed, their partnership and teamwork left me thoroughly inspired time and time again. They were an example of what teamwork could and should look like for all modern entrepreneurs – wholehearted support of the business and of each other. I was very grateful to have been included as a part of it all for this really special collaboration.

Now we are ready to launch a collection we all adore – The Cuisine Collection. We hope you love it as much as we do, and we hope it makes your everyday moments just a little more inspiring.

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  • Maureen Faulkner

    These products look amazing. Hoping for some of this in my kitchen.

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