Meet MIFA [me-fah]. This female-founded company is a cherished Flax Home pal and fellow Vancouverite. The brand is rewriting the rules of natural beauty by using only traditional botanicals, modern plant extracts and skin-loving essential oils without the use of any synthetic ingredients, fragrances, fillers or toxins. 

The stress is real – even for the most well-rested, super-snoozers on our team. Whether it’s a bad day, information overload from doom scrolling or just the general tedium of a to-do list, we all inevitably have to deal with it. And it’s not good for our bodies or minds. 
That’s why, at Flax Home, we aim to help alleviate some of those pressures by helping our linen lovers achieve their best night sleep. So, too, does Vancouver beauty and wellness brand, MIFA, in creating their unique line of aromatherapeutic products for the bath, body and home. 
MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist Mini pictured on Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheets in the colour Mint.
In honour of the National Day of Stress Awareness (April 16), we teamed up with MIFA to give our community a spritz or two of relief. In every order between Friday, April 15th to Sunday, April 17th, enjoy a free Eucalyptus Mood Mist Mini with your purchase of Flax Home linen.*
This natural essential oil mist is created to help ground, uplift and refresh, blending the revitalizing qualities of  lavender and eucalyptus. Created to help encourage daily connection to self, deep breathing and relaxation, this mist pairs beautifully with Flax Home’s natural linen home essentials to curate calm throughout your space. 
Here are six daily rituals using Flax Home linen and MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist to help combat stress:
  • Keep your Mood Mist in the fridge for a cooling face, body and room refresh.
  • Spray on your Bath Towels for a calming scent released post-soak.
  • Soak Wash Towels in ice water, ring and add Mood Mist to create a cold compress for your face, neck and décolletage.
  • Spray your Bedding and Pillowcases when you’re making your bed in the morning for a deeper sleep when you tuck-in later that night. (Go make your bed, it helps. You know who you are.)
  • Help clear those sinuses by spraying Mood Mist into a clean Hand Towel, place gently over your face and take a few deep cleansing breaths.
MIFA Eucalyptus Mood Mist Mini in Baby's Breath flowers with the Flax Home waffle linen Bath Sheet in the colour Mint.
Let us know if you try any of these stress-busting techniques by tagging us on Instagram using #MyFlaxHome and follow MIFA here.
P.s. For personal use only. Please don’t attempt to spray this on your boss, partner or other drivers stuck in traffic, as it will likely lead to further aggravated stress levels. 
Learn more about MIFA and the Eucalyptus Mood Mist Mini here.
Did you know Eucalyptus can be found growing across Portugal? Take a peek at our new colour, Mint, recently added to our waffle linen Bathe line as Chapter 1 in our 2022 collection: A Love Letter to Portugal.
*Not applicable to purchases of electronic gift cards. No minimum purchase required. Offer valid while supplies last.

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