Love it or dread it, spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate your home. However, a meaningful refresh goes beyond the standard floor-scrubbing and wall-washing. Adding small self care touches that refresh your mental space as well as your physical space are important. We’ve put together a fresh roundup of some of our favourite products to help you reset your home in style this spring.


This will come as no surprise, but we’re big laundry product fans. Finding new products that are gentle on linen and will help it live a long and happy life is kind of our jam. Nellie’s Laundry Soda is our go-to both at Flax and in the homes of our co-founders and team members. Simple and to the point, it’s made with only four ingredients which dissolve quickly in water. 

New to a laundry powder? Traditional liquid detergents are made up largely of water, which means that you’re essentially paying for h2o to be shipped around the world. Powders take up less space, resources and are full of nothing but the good stuff.

The only patented dryer ball in the world comes from right here in Vancouver. ULAT is a women-led business that manufactures their dryer balls in Canada from ethically sourced wool. Our favourite to use at home are their Dryer Balls in Natural, which reduce drying time by 30-50% - saving energy and resources in the process. 


It’s safe to say that your kitchen probably had quite a work out last year. After shifting to cooking at home more, mastering sourdough and gathering with your family around the kitchen island, it likely could use a good deep clean. Our favourite place to stock up on surface and deep cleaning products is The Soap Dispensary. Vancouver’s first dedicated refill and zero-waste grocery store, it has everything you need for a high impact, low effort spring clean.

We also love these reusable dish cloths from & Company for just about every task around the kitchen. Based in Vancouver, this small business focuses on natural and sustainable materials and lovingly handcrafts their pieces right here in the city. Another plus? They’re completely biodegradable, meaning that you can snip them into small pieces and toss them in the compost at the end of their lifespan.


For keeping your mirror sparkling, clear and ready for our daily skincare routines, we love Supernatural’s Glass + Mirror Concentrate. Along with branding that makes us swoon, Supernatural focuses on concentrates and refills, meaning that you won’t be paying for water to be shipped to your door. Simply mix the concentrate with water from your tap and you’re good to go! This cleaner is cruelty-free, non-toxic and is made entirely from plants, minerals and essential oils. 

Washing our hands has become a way of life, so there’s no reason that it can’t be enjoyable. The Hand Wash from KOV Skincare adds a touch of everyday luxury to such a common and mundane task. Made with wild black spruce and giant kelp, it's distinctive scent and organic ingredients leave our hands super soft and looking forward to our next hand wash.

Living Room

Along with setting a mood, smell can affect emotions, trigger memories and increase productivity. Refreshing our homes in the spring always comes with a shift in signature essential oil in our diffusers. Out are the deep, rich, earthy scents of winter and in are the bright, fresh and floral scents of spring. Our favourite scent to usher in the changing seasons is Flora from Woodlot. With notes of bergamot, lavender and patchouli, it’s everything we want from a spring scent. 

Creating ambiance is all part of crafting a comfortable space to start and end your day in. The Cereal candle from Mala the Brand is one of our favourites to light while we’re settling down with a book or are deep into a Netflix binge. Not only does it help set a mood, but it fills your space with the distinctive and nostalgic smell of sugary cereal. The perfect reminder to slow down and step back on those hectic days.


Do you have any home or self care products that you'll be reaching for this spring? Leave a comment and let us know!

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