The team at Flax Sleep has a few big loves.  After sleep and sourdough, the next two are easily shopping and home decor/design.  This makes our newest Journal series Shop Local an obvious choice, where we will take you inside our favourite independent home essentials stores across the country, starting with our home city of Vancouver.

1. Litchfield

Located on Water Street in Gastown, Jonathon Litchfield has curated the home accessory store of our dreams based around the notion of 'How We Live'.  Bonus: they are the only store in Vancouver to carry a small assortment of Flax Sleep's collection.

38 Water Street, Vancouver, BC

2. Old Faithful Shop

A short stroll down the street from Litchfield you will find Old Faithful Shop, a stunning home goods store with a little bit of everything.  Think plants, chocolate, coffee table books, furniture and Edison light bulbs.

320 W Cordova Street, Vancouver, BC

3. Vancouver Special

Vancouver Special is located on our favourite stretch of Main Street (18th to 33rd Avenue). Our go-to for Scandi-inspired contemporary furniture, sofas, design objects, household accessories, and art and architecture books.  Also the best place in town for all things HAY.

3612 Main Street,Vancouver, BC

4. Welks

Welks is our happy place.  This eclectic general store hybrid should be your first stop if you need something for your home but you aren't sure where to begin to find it.  If we had to describe Welks it might be high end Dollar Store meets less overwhelming Home Depot.  But don't trust our description - go experience it for yourself.

3511 Main Street, Vancouver, BC 

5. Little Mountain Shop

If Welks is our happy place, then Little Mountain Shop is our home.  This special space is host to a diverse collection of pop-up shops throughout the year.  Many are those of interior inspired e-tailers included yours truly, Flax Sleep.  Our next stop at Little Mountain Shop is next week.  So if you’ve been wanting some linen in your life but wanted to see and feel it first, pop by to check us (and this special space) out.

Friday May 31 - 11-6pm

Saturday June 1 - 11-6pm

Sunday June 2 - 12-5pm

4386 Main Street, Vancouver, BC

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