The launch of the limited edition Founder's Series indigo robe in our store this week is a very exciting occasion for me personally, and for the Flax Home team.  Dying linen with indigo is at the very root of the Flax Home origin story.

A few years ago we attended an Indigo Social and I immediately fell in love with this natural dying process, and started having friends over to practice in my own home.

indigo linen

These home based dying sessions quickly evolved into my own small indigo dying workshops and an opportunity to invite friends into my home to hand dye linen pillowcases, and enjoy a homemade lunch.

At the time, I was making some extra cash running these workshops, and I also happened to have some friends who were busy investing in crypto currency (when that was still cool). They took my indigo earnings and turned it into enough money to invest in a new bed, mattress and beautiful new bedding to go along with it.  

When it came time to purchase the beautiful new bedding I desired, I had decided it had to be linen.  I had fallen deeply in love with this textile through the process of hand dying it.  I had also decided that I wanted to buy it from a Canadian company.  I searched in stores and over the internet and could not find what I was looking for.  At that point, I messaged two of my smartest friends (and big lovers of my indigo workshops) and told them I had an idea and thought we needed to start a business.  After they did a quick search of the internet to confirm I wasn't just bad at Google, Viv & Oana were on board, and Flax Home quickly came together.

It only seemed fitting that a little over a year into business, indigo made its way into our collection.  I have used white linen robes, and turned them into unique indigo creations for a limited number of you to enjoy.  I hope those of you who invest in these robes will treasure them as much as I treasure the process of creating them.

- Anna

Natural Dye

I get all of my natural dye supplies from Maiwa Supply Store they are an amazing resource for products and knowledge.

linen robes

Linen robes all tied up and ready for the indigo vat.

linen robes

The process is a bit messy, but so beautiful.

linen robes

Here is the final product.  Washed, dried, pressed and ready to deliver to your homes.



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  • Jessandra Phillips

    I love dying with indigo too and I’m a linen addict.Your story makes me trust that your linen bedding should be my choice.

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