Casca Footwear is on a mission to inspire an active lifestyle, without sacrificing comfort. And you know when it comes to comfort, we consider ourselves experts. When the idea to collaborate arose, we knew there was a way to blend the soft, sumptuous feel of linen with Casca's high-tech approach to footwear to create the best slipper in the game. After months of work, we're excited to introduce: The Juniper Slipper. And we sat down with Casca's founder, Braden Parker to discuss everything that went into curating your comfort from the ground up.

First off, tell us a little bit about yourself. 

"I grew up in a small town called Cochrane. I moved out to Vancouver for school and settled in Kitsilano a few blocks from the beach! I worked in real estate investment for a few years, but always had the itch to start my own company. I was always on my feet, and like most ventures, it was over a beer that my co-founder, Kevin Reid, and I were lamenting about how there were no shoes that we felt comfortable in that could keep up with Vancouver."

And this led to the inspiration for Casca?

"The idea for Casca came from the need Kevin and I had when it came to living a full life in Vancouver. We were constantly on our feet, and going from the office to drinks with friends to restaurants, biking all over the city...and felt like there wasn't a good pair of shoes that could keep up. We wanted something we could wear that was comfortable, looked good and wouldn't wear out after only a few months. That personal problem was the start, and the next thing you know we were off designing shoes around the world from a makeshift office in a basement in Kits!"

Tell us about the brand, Casca Footwear.

"Casca is a shoe company with the mission of promoting wellness and an active lifestyle. Our footwear is designed with comfort, ergonomics, and aesthetics in mind. Made with resilient materials to enable our customers to fully experience and enjoy life's adventures. We believe that footwear should support and enhance our daily activities rather than hinder them, so we strive to make shoes that are both functional and look good with anything in your closet. Our focus is on the long term, creating shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of daily life and keep you feeling good on your feet"

Awesome! And when did the Flax Home team enter the chat?

"I first met Vivian, Anna and Oana way back in 2018 when we were both startups working from basements (or in Anna's case, a coffee shop). We immediately hit it off and had kept in touch, trading notes on how the process was going. Fast forward a few years, our brands were real, and we found a common thread around the idea of helping customers with rest, relaxation and wellness. I feel both Flax Home and Casca exist to enhance people's lives. Either at home relaxing, or on your feet running around adventuring."

What inspired the collaboration?

"Casca exists to help enhance your daily life. Flax Home exists to help with rest and relaxation. When you combine those two concepts you are going to become a superhuman who is able to enjoy the most life has to offer both in and out of the home. With the Juniper Slipper, you can feel comfortable and supported in the home before you jump into bed featuring your Flax Home linen sheets!"

Something both companies have in common is the goal to enhance wellness routines. Can you tell us how that plays a role in your community?

"At Casca, we understand the connection between comfort, rest, and wellness, and strive to create footwear that supports and enhances these important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Life is full of surprises and the more we can do to connect, support and help each other the better off we will all be. This collaboration has been a blast and I'm incredibly proud of both the Flax Home and Casca teams for pulling off what is arguably the most comfortable and soft house slipper the world has ever seen!"

The Juniper Slipper will be available to shop on Feb. 24. Sign up for Flax Rewards to be notified first. To learn more about Casca, follow along on Instagram.

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